Programming the Arduino Duemilanova (ATMEGA328) with Gentoo Linux

As per my previous post i got my Arduinos. The cross-compiler installation on my home gentoo box wasn’t as straight forward that i had hoped. This post documents the quick and dirty hacks i did to flash my first Blinky program to the controller. To get a working cross-compiler i had to go through a […]

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Arduino-0016 on a current MacBook Pro

I got a new MacBook Pro last week and my arduinos (a duemilanove and a mega) arrived today. The installation was quite straight forward and it almost worked out of the box. This post explains how i made it work.

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A blog about some guys from Berne that have been talking about building a reprap for some time now. This blog tries to document everything that didn’t work out of the box and also switzerland specific stuff like shopping tips.
Currently we are building a RepStrap based on a mix of generation 1 and 2 electronics and a McWire cartesian robot.